“I pray for peace, but Israel is really only acting in self-defense,” says American in geopolitical discussion at bar


PRAGUE – While discussing the Israel-Palestine conflict and Israel’s actions against Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank yesterday at an outdoor bar in Prague with other foreigners from his hostel, 27-year-old American Brad Taylor took a deep breath, raised his eyebrows, did a bit of a shrug, and said, “It’s a tough conflict for sure, and I hope and pray for peace, but Israel is really only acting in self-defense,” adding, “if the Palestinians weren’t supporting and sponsoring terrorism, it would be a different discussion.”

When one of the other travelers at the table tried to bring up how the founders of Israel systematically forced Palestinians away from their homes in 1948, killing hundreds, and pointed to hard evidence that Israel itself sponsors targeted killings and violence against Palestinian civilians, Brad couldn’t help but to look away, sigh, and roll his eyes a little.

“I can see where you’re coming from,” Brad responded, “but every great nation uses force to acquire its territory — the United States, Britain, everybody does it. That doesn’t make it wrong. And Israel has the right to defend itself.”

Brad then ordered another beer and began talking about his gun collection back in Texas.

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