“All of the good things I have in life are the result of the good things I’ve done,” says Indian man as he robs you


UDAIPUR – After stealing 500 rupees from you before returning your lost wallet to you which you know for a fact you had left in your room while you were out and he had taken from you, Pushkar hotel owner and operator Akash Mehta was giving you a lecture about karma and the peacefulness of Hinduism.

“All of the good things I have in life are the result of good things I’ve done,” he said, adding, “if you want good things to happen to you, you must be a good person. Without trusting in the law of karma to bring peace and justice, life is meaningless. Here is your wallet.”

Even though five-hundred rupees is about $9, you were going to let it go because all you wanted to do is get back to your room to relieve yourself from Indian-food diarrhea, but Akash would not stop talking.

“Helping people is what life is all about. Leading a life in a giving way is very important. That’s what being a Hindu is all about. When I was younger…”

At this point, you tuned out, agreeably nodding your head but fiercely holding your bowels.

Later, Akash would charge you 100 extra rupees for dinner than he had originally said, the taxi (which he said was definitely going to be on time) was late, and you missed your train.

At the time this was published, you had finally made it to Udaipur, where you were hiding in your room from the hustling shopkeepers outside, crying in the fetal position on the unwashed floor of your shower, with cold, filthy water pouring down on you, wondering why you were in this God-forsaken country.

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