Brave American explores foreign city of Paris


DALLAS – Courageous American explorer David Smart recently left behind his family in suburban Dallas, boarded a plane, and traveled thousands of miles to see the distant foreign city of Paris in what is called the Republic of France.

He spent two weeks there, observing the people and trying to understand the culture.

Scribbling notes in a leather-bound notebook, Smart sought to communicate his thoughts when he returned.

“They spoke in an ununderstandable language, almost gibberish,” said Smart when he arrived home.

“But they are intelligent people. Many of them could understand my language, and I surprisingly found many people similar to myself there.”

“But still, the cultural boundaries were hard to overcome,” Smart said, adding, “they seem a bit primitive. Stores, houses, pretty much everything is quite small. They ride trains instead of using cars. And the cars they do have are very small.”

The adventurer uploaded an album of 133 pictures to his Facebook account. Many of his friends left comments like “wow!” and “incredible!”

Smart, amazingly, doesn’t plan on taking much time to rest, and he’s already planning his next dangerous trip to a metropolis called Rome in the country known as Italy.

“Rome is very historically significant,” Smart said, “and I want to really observe how people live and report back to my fellow Americans.”

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