Opinion: I never appreciated Asian women until I walked the streets of Seoul


By: Henry Grant, staff reporter

I do appreciate all things international. After all, that’s why I write for International Informer.

However, I have my hometown biases. I’ll admit it. And one of them is, as a white guy, I have only ever been attracted to white women.

That is, until my plane landed in Seoul, South Korea.

From Myeong-dong to Itaewon to Dongdaemun, I wandered the city for a few days in a fit of curious scholastic observation. I wanted to see new architecture and to observe a new culture. It was, after all, my first few days in East Asia.

But the only thing I saw were women with dark hair in dark colors, women with slim, perfect bodies. Women who stole every ounce of my attention from anything and anyone else.


Here are just a few of the cultural observations I scribbled on my iPhone during those first three days and nights.

“If I see one more short black dress I’m going to cry.”

“I never knew watching a woman from a distance drink coffee could be so enjoyable.”

“Why? How? This is amazing.”

“I wonder how far my blonde hair and blue eyes will get me here.”

My eyes had been opened. I finally realized what the hype around Asian women was all about.

I guess I had to travel to Asia myself to come to appreciate their inherent beauty.

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