Visit to Taj Mahal an organic, authentic cultural experience for tourist


MIAMI – Visiting Agra, India, and one of the seven wonders of the world, the Taj Mahal, was an authentic experience of Indian culture she would never forget, American tourist Natalie Woods said after arriving home.

Telling the story, Woods couldn’t help but to smile.

As she was wandering through the plains of northern India, breathing the fresh air and warmly interacting with the indigenous people, she gazed ahead and saw what looked like a palace in the distance. After she made her way through a lush field of grass and waded through a clear, clean river, there it stood, the monument in all its glory, the Taj Mahal. She walked right up to it, sliding her hand along the cool marble and standing in the shadow of the structure’s magnificent design.

“The Taj is representative of the organic beauty of India,” Woods said, adding, “it’s a place full of wonder and love.”

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