Korean women hottest out of big 3, American reports to his friends

The area around Ewha Womans University is a gold mine for picking up those Seoul chicks, Grant told his friends.

PHOENIX – After visiting Shanghai, Tokyo, and Seoul during a whirlwind trip through East Asia, American Henry Grant reported back to his friends at the local Wingstop during a Lakers-Rockets game, saying without hesitation, “Korean women are the hottest out of the big 3 [China, Japan, and Korea].”

Henry’s three friends then asked him questions related to his assertion, including “what’s the difference?”, “you bang any?”, and “but aren’t Chinese girls easier?” Henry, with his new depth of knowledge and experience with the exotic women of the Orient, answered the questions with confidence and comfortability, laughing when mentioning, of course Doug, I saw plenty of action, and you’re right Mike, in Shanghai this girl took me back to her apartment after only meeting me 3 hours earlier.

Later that night, all three of Henry’s friends went home and were disappointed at the lack of selection of Korean porn online. Henry, of course, already knew about this.

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