“Yeah, I did that too when I was in Peru, only I did this other cooler thing also,” party hostel guy says



As you were sitting at a table of fellow travelers in a Paris hostel telling the story of how you went to Lima and trekked up to Machu Picchu, world-traveling party hostel guy interrupted you to inform everyone that, yeah, he went to Machu Picchu too, but he also went to Arequipa and the Colca Canyon, which were actually cooler, more off-the-beaten-path Peruvian cultural experiences.

You smirked, nodded your head a little, and tried to cut into party hostel guy’s narcissic monologue, but you were unsuccessful because other travelers began engaging him and provoking him into a louder, more enthusiastic rant on the intricacies of traveling by motorbike Che-style across South America.

At press time, you had retired to your bunk bed, imagining your future life as a struggling, starving Parisian artist destined to find fame and glory after an early death.

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