After traveling to Moldova for mission trip, American still can’t locate Moldova on a map


Chisinau, Moldova
Chisinau, Moldova

OKLAHOMA CITY – Sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with the Russian-speaking people of Moldova was an incredible experience of God’s grace and love, American missionary James Goldman said in an Easter Sunday address to his church upon his return.

One of our reporters attends Goldman’s church and asked to interview him after the service.

“Where is Moldova?” our reporter asked Goldman, holding out a world map.

Goldman tried to change the conversation while pointing toward the general area of Europe.

“It’s a beautiful country with a really interesting history,” Goldman said. “You can see their need for the love of Christ, and many of them are receptive to it.”

“Yes, but I’m a bit unsure of where it is, could you show me?” our reporter continued.

Goldman gave a blank stare and studied the map for a moment.

“I’m sorry but I really have to go,” Goldman said, rising from his seat. “Thank you for the interview.”


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