Opinion: At this point, Couchsurfing might as well be called Sexsurfing


By: Jessica Box, staff reporter

Okay, so I have used Couchsurfing.com quite a bit. And I have always used it for its intended purpose: to meet local people, or visiting travelers, to have a cultural exchange.

But apparently I’ve been doing it wrong. Apparently I should be just trying to have a body-fluid exchange.

I have Couchsurfed in 7 countries now, and in 6 of them I have been hit on by Couchsurfing guys. And in the 7th, Argentina, I was hit on by a Couchsurfing woman. When I have hosted, my Couchsurfing guests have wanted more than just somewhere to sleep. They wanted someone to sleep with.

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 11.21.10 AM

Look, I’m not opposed to a foreign romance. I’ve had one or two lovers-from-abroad myself. But I’m not about random sex with foreign strangers, especially when it’s not the purpose of the damn website.

C’mon, I mean, let’s talk about each other’s home countries. Let’s teach each other a thing or two. Walk around. Listen and learn. And let’s not ruin a website with a wholesome purpose.

The practice of not just opening the door, but also dropping your pants, now seems so commonplace that Couchsurfing might as well change its name to Sexsurfing.

But I wish it were different. I wish our world were different.

Have you had a similar experience with Couchsurfing? Please let International Informer know. 

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