American tourist, upset ancient Roman city is now in ruin, writes critical review on TripAdvisor



Below is a copy of the review of Ephesus (an ancient Roman city near modern-day Selcuk, Turkey) left on TripAdvisor by user AdonisTmrw.

“Ephesus was a disappointment.

Reading about it before I went, it was supposed to be a bustling metropolis, one of the treasures of ancient Rome we can still visit. But I was saddened to find that most structures simply didn’t exist anymore, and if they did exist, they appeared to only be a few rocks on top of rocks.

I wanted to walk through the buildings, go to their libraries, use their toilets. I wanted to step foot inside a 1st century brothel. But I simply couldn’t do any of those things, because the city was hardly a city at all.

I don’t know how this happened. How can they get away with it?

There’s no way this would have happened if Ephesus were in America. We would’ve kept things in better condition.

Don’t visit Ephesus. It’s a rip off.”

3 recommended
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