Guide to trekking in the Himalayas


Trekking season is upon us. Whether you plan on going to Nepal or India (or, God forbid, China or Pakistan), here are International Informer’s top Dos and Don’ts of hiking in the Himalayas. 


-Bring a bottle of your favorite liquor. Alcohol relaxes the body, helping it adjust to higher altitudes.

-Take time to enjoy the beauty of the mountain people.

-Give an honest attempt to adopt local customs and practice Buddhism so that Sagarmatha, the Goddess of the Sky, will gaze down on you with mercy and save you from any perils you face in her mountains.

-Save an extra $500 beforehand so you can buy 1 minute of wifi from an isolated teahouse and update your Facebook status.


-Hire a Sherpa. Someone who will perfectly guide you up the mountains with patience and kindness and be willing to lay down his life for you, all for the mere cost of a couple hundred dollars, which is not much to you but is enough to provide for his family for years to come? Not worth it.

-Miss out on the shopping opportunities at the first mountain town. A knock-off North Face jacket for $30? Great deal. Probably worth buying two.

-Miss snow leopard season. The friendly creatures are commonly sighted between the months of July and September.

-Be afraid to wander off on your own, letting your body and soul get lost in the majesty of the world’s lowest valleys and highest peaks.

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