Airplane’s overhead bin, taxi’s trunk, hotel room’s closet not large enough for American tourist’s luggage


ROME – American Patricia Valdez’s luggage for her two-week trip to Italy did not fit into British Airway’s overhead bin, the Roman taxi driver’s trunk, or her Rome hotel room’s closet, reports show.

It is yet another case of Americans having a hard time taking everything they want on vacation, a growing problem in the world’s travel industry.

“How am I going to get my belongings around the world with that kind of service?” Valdez said to one of our reporters. “I might as well have left my ironing kit, fourth coat, and sixth pair of shoes at home. It’s not right.”

Valdez said she was forced to check some luggage for an added fee and had to call a second taxi.

“And don’t even get me started on the pet policy,” she added. “Why can’t I carry my little dog everywhere I go? My poor little Pooh always has to stay home alone!”

We reached out to Italy’s department of tourism who has yet to comment on the issue.

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