10 unforgettable things to experience in India


International Informer traveled to India, and we had quite a few memorable moments. Here’s a list of some unique things you can experience. Book your flight to Mumbai today!

1. Pee on the side of the road. Ahh, that’s satisfying!

2. Get ripped off while buying bananas. Only 60 rupees!

3. Live for a few days without Wifi. Yay!

4. Have diarrhea for an entire week. (Groans)

5. Accidentally walk into a cow. Moo, moo, excuse me!

6. Get touched just because of the color of your skin. Hey, hey watch it there mister!

7. Become friends with the rickshaw driver. Wait, watch out, he’s not your friend!

8. Get hit on. A lot. Attention feels nice – or does it?

9. Sleep in sheets that haven’t been washed for 18 months. 🙂

10. Dispose of anything you want by throwing it into the open sewer! Easy-peasy!

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