What a Trump presidency means for Americans abroad



With much of the world shocked at the election of Donald Trump as U.S. president, it’s hard to predict what changes are upon us. International Informer is here to tell you what it means for Americans outside the U.S. 

-Returning to America for your annual vacation home will now require scaling a 25-foot wall

-All jobs sent abroad will soon be back in America, so you will soon be moving home anyway

-Muslims from the Middle East will remain your main enemy according to public discourse

-Stricter trade deals means you will no longer be able to buy Reese’s Pieces and Trojan condoms during your Sunday afternoon shopping trip to your local foreign supermarket

-Earning respect from your foreign friends and colleagues will take a little bit more time and money than usual

-The French will still dislike you

-If you are white, it will be even more awkward to visit Mexico than it already is

-If you are white, acquiring a wife from Russia/Eastern Europe will be even more easy than it already is

-For all business and touristic purposes, China will now be spelled and pronounced ‘Gina

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