Long-suffering world-roaming vagabond gloriously returns home to save America from impending self-destruction



NEW YORK CITY – Days after America took a closer step toward self-destruction with a grueling, divisive presidential campaign season and election, longtime earth-wanderer and tortured-soul Hamilton Chester has finally decided to return home, in a glow of glory, just in time to step in and redeem the country.

Chester, taking all of his abilities and everything he’s learned and experienced while on the road less traveled, has arrived to take on all the mistakes of the American people, past and present, as his own burden and lift the fragile country from the depths of its self-imposed inferno and once again onto stable ground built on a foundation of liberty and justice for all.

Denying all worldly comforts for his lifetime, Chester has come, at the perfect time set beforehand, to fulfill his true meaning in life – to make the ultimate sacrifice, giving all of himself to save the people he truly loves, the people he loved all along.

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