Opinion: Did she say what’s up or whatsapp?



By: Henry Grant, staff reporter 

I was at an English language meet up. There was a beautiful woman there. I think she was Colombian. I turned to look at her, and she was looking at me, and that’s when she said “what’s up?”

Or so that’s what I thought. So I said, “Not much, you?”

That’s when a bit of a confused look appeared on her face, and then she said “Oh. Same.”

Then she turned away, back to her conversation with her other friend.

Shortly thereafter, I remembered an interaction we briefly had earlier. I was standing in a group of people, her included, and she was talking about an event she was hosting later that week. And thinking about her open invitation, I realized she could have said “whatsapp?” in an attempt to get my contact information for the upcoming party.

See, I’m struggling here, because both possibilities to me seem equally probable. People say “what’s up?” all the time at an English language exchange – it’s a common greeting. But the slightly confused look on her pretty face told me that maybe, just maybe she was asking for my whatsapp, and I would have a chance to see her again.

But I probably never will.

Did she say “what’s up” or “whatsapp”? I guess I’ll never know.

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