Westerners flock to Mosul to join ISIS historical tours


MOSUL, IRAQ – Westerners from the United Kingdom to the United States have flocked to Mosul the last few weeks to join Islamic State historical tours, numerous reports have confirmed.

With the terrorist organization having been driven from the city in recent months, a local tour group is now offering guided walks through former ISIS strongholds. Tourists are arriving in droves, fascinated by the promise of power ISIS once held and the violence that took the world by storm.

“ISIS was an emerging power – the likes of which we have not seen for centuries,” American and self-proclaimed historian Joey Rodriguez said. “I had to see this now-history with my own eyes.”

Numbers have not been independently confirmed, but it is thought that at least a hundred tourists have come at the persuasive call of the local tour group, which says they give two-day tours for just a few dollars.

“I couldn’t say no,” Rodriguez said. “It was such a good offer. You never get that kind of deal back home. It made me feel valued.”

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