Privileged American makes painstaking decision to quit job, travel the world


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HOUSTON, TX — American Jordan Hayes quit his corporate job today and plans to spend the next year backpacking around the world, according to a post on his blog,

We asked Hayes, who is a white upper-middle class American heterosexual male, about his decision.

“It’s a huge sacrifice,” Hayes said. “To set off from this corporate office job and to spend a year seeing the most beautiful sights in the most beautiful cities around the world. I only have tens of thousands of dollars, and when that all runs out, I have nothing, other than a supportive family that would readily loan me tens of thousands more.”

“When I get back, who knows how long it will take me to get another job,” Hayes added, “Four, maybe even up to five weeks. And there’s no guarantee of anything. It’s going to be tough.”

Hayes made it clear in his blog that it’s all worth the sacrifice and that he’s going to continue to write throughout his journey, mentioning how he has no doubt this is the path he is meant to be on.

“So many people dream of traveling the world.” Hayes wrote. “And I finally have found the courage within myself to actually do it.”

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