Facebook announces expanded targeting options for hate groups, terror organizations


MENLO PARK, Calif. – Facebook, Inc. announced today new advertising targeting options for political campaigners, hate groups, and terror organizations looking to build a following. The move is seen by experts as a part of Facebook’s growing influence in politics.

“We want to give everyone the tools to connect,” Mark Zuckerberg said. “We want to give a voice to everyone. That’s what our platform is all about.”

The options advertisers can now choose from include targeting those who are sexually frustrated, those who hate immigrants, and even those who believe 9/11 was a US-government conspiracy.

Facebook says it hopes groups can find and connect to the people they care about the most.

“We’re proud of the diversity of Facebook,” Zuckerberg said confidently, but then appeared to run off his well-crafted script, mumbling under his breath. “But my developers haven’t told me what they’re up to…and…um…I….I…think…fuck the haters! No, but, I love the haters! I am a computer! Ahhh!”

Zuckerberg then walked with peculiar calmness out of the interview.

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