How to handle the disappointment of a trip to India


So you bought a ticket to Mumbai because you thought visiting India would be a fun, interesting experience. Don’t sweat it – many of us have made the same mistake. Here are International Informer‘s top tips for dealing with the disappointment of visiting the land of curry and Gandhi.

1. Realize you’re not alone

Thousands – if not millions – of tourists have made the decision to visit India in pursuit of good food, natural beauty, and spiritual experiences. Most of us left with a sick feeling in our stomachs (literally and figuratively). Realize that we are here to empathize with you and support you on your road ahead.

2. Focus on the positive 

If you’re reading this, you’re probably no longer in India, right? So that’s a largely positive thing in and of itself. Also, simply the thought that no matter what happens in life, you will not have to visit India ever again – that’s comforting.

3. Remind yourself of valuable life lessons learned

Putting people and places on a pedestal are never a good thing. Many of us have thought of Gandhi and Mother Teresa as God-like only to realize they made very questionable and quite possibly immoral decisions. When the image you built of India in your mind ultimately crumbles to the ground, it’s difficult to deal with. But ultimately these lessons are ones we can learn from.

4. Move Forward

In response to disappointment, we can either get down or get ourselves back up. Don’t let it ruin you – let it build you, and pave yourself a straight road ahead. After all, there aren’t any straight roads in India, at least not that weren’t built by the British. 


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