Survey: Majority of Lonely Planet guidebooks used as toilet paper


WASHINGTON – A new report by the U.S. Institute of Foreign and Domestic Travel (USIFDT) shows that the majoring of Lonely Planet guidebooks are used by travelers as toilet paper.

When surveyed by USIFDT, 78% of travelers who brought a Lonely Planet guidebook with them at some point ripped out the pages to use as toilet paper.

“The guidebook gave some general advice, but I like to find my own path,” one respondent, Sarah Fuller, said. “So when I was out and needed to tinkle, I just ripped out a page.”

Respondents also admitted they often buy Lonely Planet guidebooks but not necessarily to read them.

“A Lonely Planet book is more of an accessory – and now, a utility,” Fuller said. “It’s a must have, but not because it’s well-written.”

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