Report: U.S. meddled in foreign elections, all of them

BERLIN – A new report set to be released this week by journalists in Berlin presents evidence that the United States has meddled – through illegal funding, the spreading of propaganda, and other means – in foreign elections across the world, and in fact, the United States has done this in all elections that have ever taken place anywhere, at any time.

The report will detail how – from the first U.K. general election in 1802 to the 2017 Venezuelan election – the United States has engaged in both overt and covert activities in order to sway foreign elections for its own interests.

“We have documentation that the U.S. tried intervene in every single election ever – from South Africa to Norway to Australia and every country in between,” a journalist told us on condition of anonymity. “This report will detail meddling in each and every of the thousands of elections to take place.”

The report comes as U.S. officials have been expressing grave concern the past few months over probable Russian meddling in the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

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