Crazy mail-order bride arrived with no return address

ALBUQUERQUE, NM – Upon reviewing the documentation that arrived with his mail-order bride from Thailand, local man Vernon Harris reportedly became frustrated Monday when he discovered that she came with no return address.

“I’m looking for it, but all I see are immigration documents and my receipt,” Harris said. “I see no return address anywhere.”

Harris met Malai “Jessica” Kraiputra on the website They talked for a few months, he sent her money, and ultimately he invited her to America to be his wife. Only a couple months later, however, Harris is regretting his decision.

“She’s just not what I expected,” Harris added. “Sure, she’s hot, but she’s all over the place. We can’t even talk, she doesn’t do what I want her to in bed, and I’m just dissatisfied. I want to return her.”

Harris reportedly tried to contact the customer service line for the website without success.

“This is a nightmare,” he added.

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