Bangladeshi kid working 90-hour week so you can look good Saturday night


CHITTAGONG, Bangladesh – Nine-year-old Babu Dewan is reportedly working over 90 hours this week in order to meet his quota so you can pay very little for the cute outfit you will wear out on Saturday night, sources close to Dewan and you have confirmed.

You were reportedly seen at Gap and H&M, holding bags full of clothes you paid just a few dollars for because Babu, who should be out playing soccer with friends, slaved away at the sweat shop all night, helping provide the supply line for American consumers like you who are unwilling to pay a fair price for handcrafted outerwear and instead demand discounts and unreasonably low prices.

“I wish I could have played with my friends and slept this week, but mommy says I have no choice,” Babu told us, speaking to us through an interpreter. “If I leave there are problems. So I stay.”

At press time, you were reportedly wearing your new sexy outfit, sending a mirror selfie to your friends on Snapchat, not giving even a half second of thought to Babu.

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