American tourist wondering why no one asking to take picture with her


KATHMANDU, Nepal — American tourist Shelby Garner was visibly confused and frustrated Monday as she walked around the capital of Nepal, apparently due to the fact that no locals were stopping her on the street and asking for a picture, sources say.

“It’s my first day in Nepal, and there were supposed to be dozens if not hundreds of locals asking for pictures with me,” Garner said. “Sure, some people are gazing at me, but no one is approaching me. What is wrong? Is it some kind of holiday here? Don’t they know I’m American?”

Garner reportedly even had her camera ready in case the locals didn’t have a camera, but ultimately this was a moot point.

“I just want to meet some locals and have them ask to take a picture with me,” Garner said. “Isn’t that what a trip here is all about?”

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