American not shy about sex tourism


DETROIT – Gary Stone, preparing for his second trip to Southeast Asia, has not been shy about his purpose for the trip, coworkers and friends reported Tuesday.

“I’m going to have sexual relations with underage women in Thailand,” Stone reportedly said to his coworkers in the breakroom, a smirk forming on his face. “I can’t wait.”

Stone, seemingly unaware that such an action is not only creepy and gross but also illegal under U.S. federal law (Section 2423 of Title 18, United States Code), reportedly saw every need to be proud of his upcoming activities, going as far as providing details of his previous relations with underage women in Vietnam.

His coworkers reportedly became uncomfortable, each resolving never to come to the break room again, hopefully removing all possibilities of an interaction with Stone.

Stone went on to talk loudly about his future exploits while on the phone with a client at his desk.

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