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Man charged with 1796 murder after taking bone from catacombs

PARIS – An American man who says he took a bone from the Paris catacombs has been arrested for an unsolved 1796 murder, local news outlets are reporting. Samuel Ashton of Norfolk, Missouri, is now in French custody awaiting trial for a 1796 murder which ... More »


Dollar stares down euro in clash at currency summit

PARIS – The U.S. dollar was seen staring down the euro Wednesday at the Global Currency Summit at Fontainebleau amid a closening exchange rate. The dollar, dressed in its classic green as the currencies took a stroll outside the meeting hall, was seen st... More »


Itinerary tips for your Eurotrip

Summer is coming up and you may be thinking about going to Europe. With so much to do and see, it can be tricky to plan your itinerary. Here’s International Informer’s top planning tips. 1. Spend at least several months in Europe so you will have t... More »

Brave American explores foreign city of Paris

DALLAS – Courageous American explorer David Smart recently left behind his family in suburban Dallas, boarded a plane, and traveled thousands of miles to see the distant foreign city of Paris in what is called the Republic of France. He spent two weeks t... More »