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Report: All tourists at Trevi fountain wishing world floods gelato

ROME – A new report by the USIFDT confirms that all tourists wishing a wish at Trevi fountain wish for the world to flood gelato. The report details how 100% of tourists dream about and long for the earth to be covered in rich, creamy chocolate gelato. I... More »


Itinerary tips for your Eurotrip

Summer is coming up and you may be thinking about going to Europe. With so much to do and see, it can be tricky to plan your itinerary. Here’s International Informer’s top planning tips. 1. Spend at least several months in Europe so you will have t... More »


American becomes expert on ancient Rome after 3-hour walking tour

After a 3-hour free guided walking tour through Rome, 32-year-old American John Davidson became what he perceived to be an expert on the history of Ancient Rome and the Roman Empire. Instantly, Davidson began making obscure references that his friends and fami... More »