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Fifth-grader a fucking know-it-all with countries, capitals

  HOUSTON – After a few months in geography class, local fifth-grader Amy Thompson has become an annoying little shit in regards to naming countries and capitals, friends and relatives say. “What’s the capital of Liberia? Oh, you donR... More »


Crazy mail-order bride arrived with no return address

ALBUQUERQUE, NM – Upon reviewing the documentation that arrived with his mail-order bride from Thailand, local man Vernon Harris reportedly became frustrated Monday when he discovered that she came with no return address. “I’m looking for it,... More »


Report: All tourists at Trevi fountain wishing world floods gelato

ROME – A new report by the USIFDT confirms that all tourists wishing a wish at Trevi fountain wish for the world to flood gelato. The report details how 100% of tourists dream about and long for the earth to be covered in rich, creamy chocolate gelato. I... More »


Survey: Majority of Lonely Planet guidebooks used as toilet paper

WASHINGTON – A new report by the U.S. Institute of Foreign and Domestic Travel (USIFDT) shows that the majoring of Lonely Planet guidebooks are used by travelers as toilet paper. When surveyed by USIFDT, 78% of travelers who brought a Lonely Planet guide... More »


How to handle the disappointment of a trip to India

So you bought a ticket to Mumbai because you thought visiting India would be a fun, interesting experience. Don’t sweat it – many of us have made the same mistake. Here are International Informer‘s top tips for dealing with the disappointment... More »


Man charged with 1796 murder after taking bone from catacombs

PARIS – An American man who says he took a bone from the Paris catacombs has been arrested for an unsolved 1796 murder, local news outlets are reporting. Samuel Ashton of Norfolk, Missouri, is now in French custody awaiting trial for a 1796 murder which ... More »


American slyly hiding passport as though everyone out to steal it

BERLIN – Under the assumption that the cunning foreigners around him sought to get to America, or become an American, any way they possibly could, U.S. citizen Jeffrey Walters kept his passport under firm grip today while in Berlin’s Schönefeld air... More »


Report: World map best read with cup of coffee

WASHINGTON – A report released today confirms that world maps – whether on a wall or in an atlas or stretched out across the dining room table – are best read with a piping hot cup of joe. “Data clearly shows that when reading a world m... More »