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Museum’s propaganda mistaken as history

SEOUL – The exhibits of South Korea’s War Memorial museum were mistakenly seen as a depiction of historically accurate events rather than the national propaganda they actually are during a visit by American Rob Brooks today, International Informer ... More »


Westerners flock to Mosul to join ISIS historical tours

MOSUL, IRAQ – Westerners from the United Kingdom to the United States have flocked to Mosul the last few weeks to join Islamic State historical tours, numerous reports have confirmed. With the terrorist organization having been driven from the city in re... More »


American struggles to get into first gear

MUNICH – American tourist and first-time car renter abroad Keith West struggled to get into first gear last week as he was exiting the rental lot, almost burning out the transmission, local onlookers reported. Eventually, he was able to get it into first... More »


Opinion: Did she say what’s up or whatsapp?

By: Henry Grant, staff reporter  I was at an English language meet up. There was a beautiful woman there. I think she was Colombian. I turned to look at her, and she was looking at me, and that’s when she said “what’s up?” Or so that... More »


Americans across the country protest North Korea travel ban

WASHINGTON — American citizens gathered in cities across the country today to protest a new travel ban by the U.S. government that will not allow holders of U.S. passports to travel to North Korea. Numerous reports suggest crowds in the tens of thousands... More »