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Fifth-grader a fucking know-it-all with countries, capitals

  HOUSTON – After a few months in geography class, local fifth-grader Amy Thompson has become an annoying little shit in regards to naming countries and capitals, friends and relatives say. “What’s the capital of Liberia? Oh, you donR... More »


American slyly hiding passport as though everyone out to steal it

BERLIN – Under the assumption that the cunning foreigners around him sought to get to America, or become an American, any way they possibly could, U.S. citizen Jeffrey Walters kept his passport under firm grip today while in Berlin’s Schönefeld air... More »


Museum’s propaganda mistaken as history

SEOUL – The exhibits of South Korea’s War Memorial museum were mistakenly seen as a depiction of historically accurate events rather than the national propaganda they actually are during a visit by American Rob Brooks today, International Informer ... More »


Opinion: How I make $2.5 million a year as a digital nomad

By Jessica Box, staff reporter It isn’t easy. But if I can do it, anyone can. I’m a millennial, and we’re redefining what work is. No longer are we confined by chain to a cubicle and a house surrounded by a white picket fence. Nope. We are on... More »


Mexican cartel pledges to make Trump pay for planned tunnels

CULIACAN, SINALOA – Ismael Zambada García, head of the Sinoala Cartel, said Monday that planned tunnels from Mexico to the United States to traffic drugs and other illegal goods will be paid for by Donald Trump. “All of our future tunnels will be p... More »


Dollar stares down euro in clash at currency summit

PARIS – The U.S. dollar was seen staring down the euro Wednesday at the Global Currency Summit at Fontainebleau amid a closening exchange rate. The dollar, dressed in its classic green as the currencies took a stroll outside the meeting hall, was seen st... More »