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Mexican cartel pledges to make Trump pay for planned tunnels

CULIACAN, SINALOA – Ismael Zambada García, head of the Sinoala Cartel, said Monday that planned tunnels from Mexico to the United States to traffic drugs and other illegal goods will be paid for by Donald Trump. “All of our future tunnels will be p... More »


Americans across the country protest North Korea travel ban

WASHINGTON — American citizens gathered in cities across the country today to protest a new travel ban by the U.S. government that will not allow holders of U.S. passports to travel to North Korea. Numerous reports suggest crowds in the tens of thousands... More »


What a Trump presidency means for Americans abroad

With much of the world shocked at the election of Donald Trump as U.S. president, it’s hard to predict what changes are upon us. International Informer is here to tell you what it means for Americans outside the U.S.  -Returning to America for your annua... More »